Welcome to NextLife™ Memoirs


Did you ever wonder if someone might be interested in your life’s story?

That your family, friends, even people you did not know might find something in various stages of your life that they could relate to and benefit from in their own life experience?

Most importantly did you ever wonder that you might live on!

Welcome to Nextlife™ Memoirs!

Here you will be prompted to reach back along the stages of life, along the many urgings which would have you turn away and forget, to feel into these oldest of shadows for the first sudden edge of it all.

This is not a “memorial” where others contribute their thoughts and feelings. It is a “memoir” from you that will live on to inform others of what you believed in, what you stood for and why you made certain life choices as they go on to make their own.

Offered both online as a key-word searchable ebook and as a beautifully bound hardcover table book, Nextlife™ Memoirs ensures that your story will be alive and passed on for generations.

“Now my parents, my family, go together back elsewhere in my memory
and I am left to think through the fortune of all we experienced together.

And of how now, my single outline, meets the time–swept air that knew theirs.”
This House Of Sky, Landscapes of A Western Mind, Ivan Doig, (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1978)


Nextlife™ Memoirs

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