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The Guided Interview© is a series of questions soliciting your experiences through life. They have been curated by NextLife™Memoirs to call up the most meaningful of life’s passages and permit you to type your answers right below the questions; here are some sample questions:

Do you feel you learned any lessons from your childhood that have stuck with you in living your life?  Is work necessary for happiness?  Is love necessary for happiness?   What is the biggest risk you ever took in your life and how did it work out?  What is the purpose of God?  Have you learned more about human nature than the man in the street can learn without so much as opening a book?  Is progress real?  What will your Obituary say about you?

NextLife™Memoirs requests $10 to send you the complete Guided Interview©.

To request your Guided Interview© please use the “Pay Now” button below. To order via snail mail, include your snail mail address and a $10 check made out to “NextLife LLC” and mail to: NextLife, 15037 Thicket Ct., Waterford, VA 20197

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THANK YOU for submitting your responses to our Guided Interview©.

NextLife™Memoirs requests a $100 deposit as earnest money to format your submission into an eBook, including any photos (less than 10) you may submit and want placed in your text as you designate. The $100 deposit is applicable toward any book purchase.

After formatting your text with photos (if any) we will send a proof to you for final approval. Our finished prices are:

  • For ebook only, $200.
  • For print book only, $300.
  • For both ebook and print book, $400.
 See “HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR COMPLETED GUIDED INTERVIEW© AND ORDER YOUR BOOK” enclosure sent with your Guided Interview©.

* This is NextLife’s standard hardcase binding offered in Maroon or Navy leatherette with the title “MY STORY” and your name centered on the cover
Different styles may be available, contact 
us using the “Contact Us” page of this website, NextlifeMemoirs@Nextlife.life .

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