Our Vision

Can Big Data using sentiment analysis predict your behavior? If so, does it matter if you no longer exist?  Who would care if we could create a surviving “virtual” you?

NextLife ™ believes that while the corporeal reality of a person may vanish, their thoughts and feelings on life choices they made while living remains in their Big Data trail. Teased out by sentiment analysis, these can be made accessible to family, friends and relatives, easing life’s transition through recollections, reflections and more importantly, informing forward looking life choices for those still alive.

But there is an unanticipated problem with machines doing this.  Indeed, there is a real question whether machines will ever be able to re-create a human person – not because they cannot mimic our behavior but because they cannot understand morality which invests human life and informs our behavior, “…our technological progress has outpaced our moral preparedness”, https://www.1843magazine.com/features/teaching-robots-right-from-wrong.

This results in the machines reporting out all of your life’s events including any “secrets”, some of which you may prefer remain private.

With this in mind NextLife ™ believes that the only true product that can capture that human element in one’s life is the one that we create ourselves through the “self-curated” telling of our own life experiences.  In other words, a “memoir”, created and informed by the human who lived it.

Perhaps one day we will be able to create an artificial intelligence that could grok human morality; indeed, NextlifeTM is working on it, www.Nextlife.life.

But until that happens, we have only ourselves to tell our human story.

About the Founder

John Metelski was born and raised in the lumber and coal mining country of NW Pennsylvania. He has become an engineer (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute ’68) and a lawyer (Georgetown Law ’73) and served in the Army developing the first ICBM’s and landing a man on the moon. He has started a number of ventures participating in the birth and roll out of cellular telephony.

​Further information on John can be found at  www.BridgeTheDivideFoundation.com.​

Investment information re a separate NextLife project around Artificial Intelligence/Virtual Reality to recreate people via their Big Data trail can be found at  www.Crowdfunder.com/Nextc.

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